Getting started

Welcome to Hall Monitor! This article will give you a highlevel overview for creating your first report.

Creating your account in super simple. The fastest way is signing in with Slack. Doing this will also install the app on your slack team making it easier to add Slack recipients when creating a report. You can also signup with an email address if you'd rather.

If you sign up with Slack you'll have to authorize access.

After creating an account you can start creating your first report

The first step of creating a report is naming it. The name of your report will appear in the email and slack reports your receive. Here you can also choose the report frequency and if you want to whitelabel email reports with your brand.

Next you can start adding recipients. If you connect to Slack you can add #channels and direct messages to any team member. You can also add email recipients.

Finally you can start adding integrations! Choose all the apps you want to monitor

Now you can view your newly created report! From here you can choose to add or remove integrations and recipients, change the frequency and paused or delete the report.

And that's it! Contact us if you have any questions.